Making some changes

This site is the home of Open Shelters, the iPhone app that shows you shelters that have been opened in response to some emergency. It's Free! You can find it in the iTunes store. I'm making some changes to the site, but they'll only be minor changes for now (the schedule is pretty packed for the next 2 or 3 weeks).

Still simple support for now

Hurricane Earl is history, but this support site will still be in a simple stage for the time being. So in the meantime, you can continue to contact support for the Open Shelters App at

The server can handle the load - Site5

The folks at Site5 have made sure that the server can handle the load in the case of a major event.

I cannot say enough about these people. When Hurricane Earl was looking pretty mean and had a chance of doing major damage along the eastern seaboard, I contacted Site5 about the possibility of a huge spike in traffic. They asked a few questions about my site requirements, made a recommendation which I agreed with, then they simply handled it!

And I mean they handled everything about the server migration. They emailed me to keep me up to date on the progress, and when they were done, I signed in to check it over. It was flawless!

Demo Mode - It's simply a way to practice

I've heard from a couple of people about "Demo Mode" example_demobanner wondering if there was a free "lite" version and another paid version they would have to buy to actually use it. No, absolutely not! Demo Mode is simply provided as a way to practice with the app before a real emergency strikes. After all, I hope people don't have to use the app. But because of this, there had to be a way to practice and be familiar with the app "just in case".

If you find yourself in Demo Mode and don't know how to get out, simply go to the "settings" tab in the application and turn it off (don't forget to update the live shelter list on the map screen).